Freguesia Nossa Senhora de Fátima




Vacinação Antirrábica

Vacinação Antirrábica

Avisam-se todos os interessados que a campanha de vacinação antirrábica para o ano de 2019, na Freguesia de Nossa Senhora Ler Mais

"Ciclovia para todos" - Inclusiva, multicultural e que respeita a diversidade!

Mais um Fenómeno do Entroncamento! Novos habitantes na Cidade...Uma Cidade para as Pessoas e para os animais também… T. Nunes Ler Mais
Inspirar Inovação: Gazeta e Folheto de canídeos transcritos para Braille por aluno invisual em estágio na Junta de Freguesia

Inspirar Inovação: Gazeta e Folheto de canídeos transcritos para Braille por aluno invisual em estágio na Junta de Freguesia

Fotos EOL Na Quinta-feira, dia 13 de junho de 2019, realizou-se na sede de Freguesia de Nossa Senhora de Fátima Ler Mais
Quinta-Feira da Espiga da Espiga...é no Bonito!

Quinta-Feira da Espiga da Espiga...é no Bonito!

Venha connosco retomar uma tradição..."Quinta-Feira da Espiga é no Bonito" Junte-se a nós neste convívio gratuito para toda a comunidade, Ler Mais
Dia de Reis, cantar as Janeiras e recordar tradições na Junta de Freguesia

Dia de Reis, cantar as Janeiras e recordar tradições na Junta de Freguesia

A Junta de Freguesia de Nossa Senhora de Fátima do Entroncamento associou-se ao evento das Janeiras abrindo as suas portas Ler Mais
Para todos um

Para todos um "Excelente Ano de 2019" são os votos da Junta de Freguesia de Nossa Senhora de Fátima do Entroncamento

A Junta de Freguesia de Nossa Senhora de Fátima do Entroncamento continua a desenvolver e desenvolveu em 2018 um conjunto Ler Mais
O desafio de apoiar a Educação/Investigação

O desafio de apoiar a Educação/Investigação

  A Junta de Freguesia de Nossa Senhora de Fátima do Entroncamento apoiou o projeto de investigação/ação - “Projeto IDEA” relativo Ler Mais
A Junta de Freguesia de Nossa Senhora de Fátima do Entroncamento entrega 180 Cabazes de Natal e 60 brinquedos

A Junta de Freguesia de Nossa Senhora de Fátima do Entroncamento entrega 180 Cabazes de Natal e 60 brinquedos

A Junta de Freguesia de Nossa Senhora de Fátima do Entroncamento, no âmbito da sua Ação Social, colaborou com a Ler Mais
Junta de Freguesia de Nossa Senhora de Fátima atribuiu, uma vez mais, quatro bolsas de estudo

Junta de Freguesia de Nossa Senhora de Fátima atribuiu, uma vez mais, quatro bolsas de estudo

Na cerimónia de entrega dos Prémios de Mérito - Valor e Excelência, do Agrupamento de Escolas Cidade do Entroncamento, que decorreu no Ler Mais
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It is the most typical form of dementia, which is a phrase applied for severe memory loss that will interfere with every day living (What is Alzheimer's?). Alzheimer's is substantially more than forgetting to switch off the stove […]rnThere just isn't a specialised demo for Alzheimer's dementia, as a substitute making use of a selection of strategies and resources to enable sort a diagnosis. These techniques and instruments consist of: Obtaining a track record in patient's conduct improvements. Acquiring patient's family and professional medical track record Asking a family members member to give their look at about alterations in intellectual abilities and habits.

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It is the most popular kind of dementia, and in.

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Now experts are no longer asking themselves Can we? but as an alternative Need to we? The science community and regulation makers are confronted with the ethicality of genetic engineering and the final decision of the place the line is drawn. rnGenetic engineering will come with hazards and need to be managed cautiously, but ultimately benefits culture in a wide range of ways. It is critical to be aware the background and purposes of genetic engineering to have an understanding of its moral and social ramifications.

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rnrnConcluding a analysis paper appears to be to be a significantly less tiresome job than actually building a investigate paper. College students think that it may well not eat their sufficient time and attempts if they are assigned to make a summary of an by now current study paper.

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Leaving out crucial details or projecting completely wrong outcomes related to the paper will obviously destroy the reason of the investigation paper that was composed by a further creator. rnThe motive is that just about every study paper is special and diverse in its perception. Every single analysis paper contains unique chapters, sections, formats and applications to prove the position.

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rnrnEnglish is a energy world identified language, which sales opportunities firms, countries, continents, rally people today from full the environment. And due to that, far more and a lot more individuals in latest many years want to move worldwide tests, these as TOEFL, CAE, IELTS (International English Language Screening Method), FCE and a ton of some others. On the a single hand, there are folks who have to have this kind of certification to confirm the stage of English studying, listening and creating techniques, on the other hand, this document offers a excellent prospect for every person to get an immigration visa, in purchase to create a successful career in the one particular of the European countries or to find a excellent work or research overseas. This report offers these kinds of an international method as IELTS and shows the proper approaches of preparing for its Writing Component. rnFirstly, a number of words really should be instructed about this examination.

rnIELTS was designed to check the degree of the English expertise by the three global companies, the leaders in evaluation discipline. They are Cambridge English Language Assessment (CELA), the British Council and IELTS Australia. rnThus, it is an irreplaceable stage in everyone's' dreams' implementation if they strategy to adjust a spot of living, want to locate a perspective place of work or make a decision to examine universities in any of the English-talking countries. IELTS examination results might enable all people to achieve even a particular desire, for the reason that this check effects are now admitted by additional than ten,000 corporations in 150 international locations of the earth, including immigration businesses, universities, colleges, well known businesses, experienced globally corporations, and other general public institutions in a large amount of international locations, amongst which are: United Kingdom, Australia, Italy, Germany and other people well-regarded ones.

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